Dec 18, 2011

Cold Christmas

This year, James tries to complete the Misa de Gallo. Howbeit his faith has somehow been effect generated, that would be something to digress.

Why can't he seem to find happiness in the season? Yes, things are on great shape at the college. James joined a couple of organizations in Ateneo just to busy himself with charity work. Even his social life is past ordeal, of squeaking spiders in a white room. But hey, something is missing.

He needs a boyfriend. Or, better than this statement is, he wants someone back. No matter how the odds of them being together resounds, he'd still like to wish for that thing. A lot of people want to take that boyfriend spot, yet no one seems to fill his personal qualifications for the post. He can only think of one person.

Nine mornings.

Should it happen. Should THAT moment happen.
James would be very, very happy.


  1. @james: aww.. *pat on the back

  2. Hai, what a charming post, isn't it? Well, everyone wants to be loved, but you don't need a boyfriend just to know you are loved.

    Keep loving then!

  3. Anonymous8/3/12 23:14

    i agree with tim, your need for love shouldn't just depends on having a boyfriend or an ex coming back to your life..just look around you and you'll realize that you are surrounded by your family and friends who may help you redirect your thoughts...

    that will help you at least map out a plan the things that needed to be changed in your life..and once you're on your foot again, ready to take the challenges you'll be surprised that someone might arrive without you expecting it.. :)


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