Apr 7, 2012

Bed in Summer

A collective universe of anti-procrastination made James decide to write again for this blog. He's around the edges of the cyberworld, lurking, skulking too long. It was about time that every ounce confidence to scribble is mustered.

Steered by the return of his scholarship via a QPI of 3.*5 (nearly missed it again), he plans to hit summer early on. The guardians of the realm (yes, Game of Thrones reference) gave him a gift for the well put up effort. This, perhaps, is the reason for his cross behavior of the late. First, there is a shortage of people to invite. Second, he plans it to be longer than usual, ergo, a willing squire must sacrifice for compliance. Lastly, the weather's predictable unpredictability shows a demarcation line on the roadmap. Lines, to be more precise. Thick vermilion lines making an X.

Despite the derisive nature of matters, optimism is the key rule. He could surely go, sans the company, like Jerusalem. It did become a fun trip, fears notwithstanding. He hopes the same can be done this time.

For a comeback, let it be light. The future posts should serve a better resolution on gritty issues, should it inspire his Robert Louis Stevenson.

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  1. A warm welcome plus a tight fraternal hug. We missed you.

    I hope you are back for good :))


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