Aug 10, 2011

Birthday S*x

Not about anything obscene: This is the song by Jeremiah. I learned this song from my prince [oops, connotations off] because he kept on coining the phrase which intrigued me. A lot. I searched and whoop, I found it irrelevant to a birthday whatsoever. How do these songs get away?

Turning twenty-one is another transition which happens to me today. I read somewhere that, when a man reaches 21, he insinuates his maturity. Also, twenty-one is another age which signifies changes. Referencing what I've learned from a Jew acquaintance, every seven years of birthday represents something in the internal balance. Oh, talk about Zen and stuff on a Jewish belief? Yes, they do have numerology. Back to sevens -- seven, fourteen, twenty-one -- these are but significant ages to a person's life. People either get cranky or control freaks or simply weird, based on how my new friend told me.

Conclusion as to which change takes toll is my becoming less of a talker, more of a listener. To admit, on an assessment of myself two-three years ago, I'm more of a dictator than a follower. I define my inability to be taken over as an immaturity. However, several people say that it is my strength, too, taking charge. On which account, I digress. I might give contextual clues however, in the days to come.

I re-structured these lines (from his prayer-like posts) because I don't know how to talk to Him in the manner he does it, as an escape clause.

I thank Him for twenty-one blessing-filled years. I thank Him for letting sunshines break through my eyelids on early mornings. I thank Him for the wisdom which he imparted on my neurons. I thank him for the colleagues who had not been impartial on my weaknesses, who showed me the true meaning of friendship. I thank Him for the parents that I have, parents who are rich enough to send me to a good school, to give me everything that I desired.

I thank Him for giving me someone: who makes me happy right now; who pacifies me in my who-messed-with-my-sleep? moments; who puts a smile on my face when things get screwed up; who appreciates my Physics raves; and, who takes care and thinks of me for more than a month now. I will never, ever have so much shower of good things from You, than I could've ever hoped for. I am deeply gratified. Thank You.


  1. @james: welcome back!!

    happy 21st birthday!! i'm happy for you and my lil bro, joe.. enjoy your day and your date. :)

  2. It is always good to give thanks.

    Happy Birthday, James! all the best to you and Joe.

  3. happy birthday!
    sana magtagal pa kayo

  4. I may not know you that much guys, but I deeply feel your well wishes. Thanks a lot!

  5. Happy birthday James! It seems I might have the same wish for you as another person who turned a year older a few days ago, though this is more verbose (meh):
    Experiences to cherish,
    Memories to treasure,
    Lessons that will nourish,
    Friends that will nurture.

    Remember to let go and let the Lord fill your heart as you go through this new chapter in your life.

    Remember to let go and see the jewels in the past that would have been obscured by care and woe.

    Remember to let go and open your eyes to today, and let yourself live a moment in time, one at a time.

    Again, happy birthday!

  6. happy birthday, Rockstar! see you in a bit. :)

  7. Anonymous10/8/11 13:28

    Happy birthday!!

  8. Happy Birthday james... magkabday pala tayo.. more more bday to cum po.... :)

  9. take care of my bunso please. malaman ko lang sinaktan mo siya... ill hunt you down :)

    happy birthday by the way!

  10. Happy Birthday James!! :)


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