Jul 18, 2011

It All Ends

He was supposed to avoid EDSA because he knew of the Saturday traffic volume. He was not aware of a sale in SM North at the time. He was afraid of making his honey wait, for it was their first movie date. He cursed the road. Good thing he reached the Ayala mall just in the nick of time.

Harry Potter is their common interest. No, they didn't like the actor, (looks old for the age) but the story. Potter fad fueled their late night conversations until they were no longer twain but one. They settled for a weekend engagement for it was most convenient.

He was like a kid, Joe was, and that was what he wanted about him. Joe displaced whenever there were thrilling acts or schtick. He reached out a hand when Voldemort shattered in pieces, said that he got a Horcrux in his pocket. James laughed.

He wanted to feel his companion by twining arms. He missed him for they rarely meet due to school. James always wanted to be with his only one. Pain lunges his heart when they are far afield. Their connection, to him, resembled the Twin Cores, minus the part where only one must live.

He always wanted to snuggle him. Public place was not the correct setup. The car was the only private venue derivable. He schemed and the only question was, can he pull it off?

Joe told him where to be dropped by, a few blocks away. The location was outright on his target: A bushy plant, shadows from houses, more trees and no trekking residents. He passionately lit up a smack which lingered to a sensual exchange of  libidinous saliva and body heat. They knew when it was to be stopped. They hugged, and sufficed with it at the time being. They could only be so in love.


Mischief Managed.


  1. Awwwwwsss ang sweet mga parekoy. Hehehe. :) Looking forward to reading your stories together. :)

  2. @joe & james: ang sweet naman! :)

  3. Mischief managed, indeed. Hope the initial sparks light an enduring fire that will burn up, and not out.


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