Jun 6, 2011

A Trip to Memory Lane

The clouds are foreboding. The windswept alleys are deserted. Dried leaves suspended in thin twigs remain threatened by the gust. A certain chill revolved in circles of dust. The lights of nearby houses flickered in an answer to the early darkness.

He was wearing his usual white shirt and wornout jeans. James thought that a walk in the dismal weather will not add to his already awful composure. After several failed attempts of lighting his freedom stick, he finally gave it up as a bad job. Treading the long alley on a windy and tumult weather was, he realized, not the best idea of a diversion.

In five, a huge rain droplet hit his forehead. It cannot be denied that the setting will yeild to a long and heavy downpour.

The surplus of dilapidated structures in their locale provided his temporary shack. His annoyance to the incidents prior was obliterated by the need to get back home. Seeing that he has no alternatives, he resolved to wait for the rain to arrive at an indefinite hiatus.

Apart from the sound of water reaching the open surfaces around, there was a unique silence. With that, he felt that his senses were magnified; He had an odd vibe that someone was watching him intently, scrutinizing his details as if it was beside him...

A brawny cat sprawled on the unpaned windows which intensified his feelings. The sound of its brisk movement made his heart skip a beat. It was a daunting split-second: He was not braced for it.

The blackness in his temporary shed appeared to have tripled in deepness. The cold, the jets of spills, the ramblings of the furry animal somewhere near -- all of these contributed to an ominous and fearful atmosphere. He started getting unnatural spine currents in his solitary outbreak.

There was a small screeching noise, like that of a ricocheting firework. The surrounding smelled a hint of fuel and gasoline. The sound slowly grew louder: its sound has overcome the rain. The typhoon had a brief calm at its eye. This must be it, I told myself.

All the braving in my spirit gave my run its top speed. But! The sound gets nearer but there is no evident source to where this might possibly come from until...

An explosion! It materialized on the exact place where I was hiding.

It looked eons ago, that three people died on a tragic car accident. It would have been four, had I not left that spot, as I'd get burned to the humongous fire. Actually, maybe four really, including the poor cat which alerted me and saved my life.


  1. that's quite a scare.
    salamat sa pusa.
    lucky you.

  2. muntik ka lang. tama nga si Bien, salamat sa pusa..

  3. that's an unusual anecdote to read..
    bt i enjoyed it.

  4. did this really happen? buti na lang hindi ka na napahamak. salamat nga talaga sa pusa :)


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