Jun 3, 2011

Deliberation 1

As weird as it sounds, deliberating on whether to use my Unlimited service on the phone is just one of the products of my thoughts.

I can never think of anything sane right now. Nothing preoccupies me yet there is a series of untold paranoia happening. I don't want to lose sanity.

I just created this to release my emotional stresses. I'm so tired of having no one to listen. I feel like my mind is going to explode with stupidity.

I have lots of numbers of BOYS on my phonebook stash. Some of them are really good friends whom I knew for almost a year now. I hate the way they respond to me so I thought of the first paragraph. I just felt like they are not the right people at this moment. I am still trying to find the right company and even so, there is a difficulty.

I'm logged in to one of the most notorious websites in sighting homo intercourse. Jeez, I sound sleazy. But I just frustratingly need a new life, a life away from my routines. A life filled with SOMETHING NEWs.

James promises that this time, there will be no taking backs. =)


  1. hello too. welcome aboard.

  2. Ah but dear boy, insanity makes the mind of a genius.

  3. Hehe. Coming from the Medical field, I strongly recommend caution. Tread what path you choose with utmost vigilance. Di biro ang incidence ng AIDS ngayon. Yun lang. Hehe. Other than that, support ka namin!


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